DC Labs - February '18 Office Meeting

Created over 3 years ago
I think teams should talk about their own accomplishments altogether :) Created over 3 years ago
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Thank you for making the office successes known. Most of us are so involved with the project and client we are working with we don’t get a chance to hear how other projects are going. Created over 3 years ago
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It was really nice to do project shout outs and acknowledgements. I completely agree, Lauren, that in project status these types of sentiments don't get translated all that well. It's awesome to acknowledge success in past teams and hear feedback from client. It's even more awesome for the office director to get excited and see the pride in the work we're doing. For the next office, I'd like to see some of the bigger Pivotal announcements be de-emphasized. While it's helpful to know what's going on with POD, or APLE or other groups within Pivotal, they change all the time and it really does not affect our day to day here. Created over 3 years ago
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