Did the MySQL Growth Board session on 2018-12-13 meet your expectations? What went well? What could have been better? What do you hope to see in the next one?

Created almost 3 years ago
i really enjoyed the flow of this session. it was disappointing that james b and arni had to leave early and we missed marketing participating. i also feel like some of the running requests could have been tracked someplace, somewhat like what we used to do with the KPL and @mention people in the past, then check-in on those next time. for example, the request at the end from onsi for sales projects, and marco's suggestion that he would like to work with someone on that. how are we going to remember that for making progress on between meetings and remember to check-in on it for next time? there seems to be a lot of potential in this product space for us to unlock.Created almost 3 years ago
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For the kickoff, I wish it'd been scheduled for a 1/2 hour longer. We missed answering some questions from marco / judy but overall I think they did an awesome job of setting context and conveying the opportunities they're seeing. Good flow of conversation as well. Created almost 3 years ago
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