Did the Upgrades Growth Board session on 2018-12-04 meet your expectations? What went well? What could have been better? What do you hope to see in the next one?

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What went well Great session, with the mix of participants present, I don't think there has been any other conversation about the current status of the install base with the context & data provided during the meeting. We've shared the BLT realtimeboard and charts with a few different teams and organizations and the response has been positive as it's a unique perspective. For those who haven't seen these yet, it's generating a lot of interest in the patch profiles of customers on the scale from struggling to successful and what action they can take within their various roles to move the needle. There was some validation to the PCF automation initiative as there was a clear way difference in CI/CD maturity and the impact the lack of automation and a functional, stable, equipped platform team can have on customers meeting their objectives. Technology alone will not solve the cultural problems with our customers and it was one of the first times that there was a real discussion about investing in committing people vs just software alone to solve this problem eg. Liberty. Given this is one of the first times I am aware conversations of this nature are occurring, the expectation wasn't perfection but the format is a positive start to serve as a valuable conduit to provide and solicit balanced, honest feedback What I am wondering about A place for follow up questions? Now we are where we are, what's next? The expectations is not that the Upgrade BLT would provide insight but as a Pivotal are there recommendations? Is there time sensitivity around the actions we need to take given the batch of N-3, N-4 customers who are at the cusp of entering a point the chances of retention begin to fade? With Cerner as an archetype and keeping in mind enterprise constraints, what is the maturity journey we should have customers in the N-3, N-4 range follow? What is to be done about those customers who are far out to the left of the spectrum? What could have gone better Timeboxing the agenda items. The area being explored is broad and vast with the stakeholders essentially every department in the organization and customers as a focal point Balancing between conversation and articulating the narrative of the work, findings and outcomes. A facilitator so that the Upgrade Leads can focus on content and feedback vs trying to also facilitate at the same timeCreated almost 3 years ago
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i don't think i said a word the entire meeting and i also feel as if the content of the meeting was more similar to what i'd expect from a weekly PWG session. i felt there were too many stakeholders from some functional groups. can we keep it to 1 or 2 from each area? i would love to see more time spent on questions like: is the initiative healthy? what things have we learned and the stakeholder feedback about that? [timeboxed discussion] based on that, a review of things the PWG will be focused on next? [timeboxed discussion] what are things we have not learned yet that need focus and perhaps help from leadership. [timeboxed discussion] should we keep going with this initiative? [i believe this is an obvious yes, but farm for dissent] what do we hope we make progress on by next time?Created almost 3 years ago
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I was borderline yellow/red. The meeting consistently and repeatedly bent towards a conversation about tactics. It felt like I was attending a workin group session which leads me to want to re-evalute how we think about the mix of attendees. It might help to have more marketing/finance/pre-sales folks involved. I would love for us to consider what a strategic framing looks like and talk about learnings and impact over status of specific tactics and anecdotes about specific customers. The latter two are important but ideally framed in service of the former. For example - the data presented at the outset was a great and meaningful update. What conclusions do we draw? How does this data inform our area of focus and investments? What are our expectations around how this data will move in the next 3-6 months? What hypotheses do we have that connect our investments to those motions? One thing to consider is to pull in a strong, assertive, facilitator to help the group stay on track - it's good to explore the questions being raised but we run the risk of spending too much time discussing tactics and anecdotes and not enough time exploring the bigger strategic motions and whether or not we should grow/shrink the investment (and where). Created almost 3 years ago
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