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Created about 8 years ago
Nokogirl has been a reoccurring character in my dev career, so I am glad to know a more about her. Largely, the presentation issues were in transitions: a) There were too many, and b) They were sometimes distracting. To reduce a few, maybe put the original email to Aaron Patterson on the same page as your slide introducing him or put the FFI slides, the Pain Points (eg seg-fault DD) and the Lessons into lists. Thanks, also, for mentioning two tools for profiling C extensions! There were two kinds of transitions that threw me: 1. Going left, after just going right. It made me feel a bit like I was trapped in a haunted house. WEREN'T WE JUST IN THIS ROOM? Nope! 2. Growing vertically centered lists. The transition moved the entire list as it grew, so my eyes immediately tried to rescan from the top, instead of jumping to the new list item. Maybe try Top-justifying those slides. As for things like pacing, etc... Well, the business cat -> David Byrne transition was just one too many images in a row, and they came really BEFORE you explained them, so they didn't really deliver. And when you went to explain the Node/Dictionary memory model stuff, well... you lost me at 'nontrivial'. Thanks again for the perspective on open-source contribution, some hard-core native extensions and Fat Source Gems!Created about 8 years ago
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