How was the TPM sync this week? (2018-01-30)

Created over 3 years ago
I feel like we should take some of the 'cascading' goals and apply them to what we are doing today. this may help drive the backlog so that we determine the relative importance of the tactical things PMs are asking to the broader team goals we want to implement across the org. Doing this first may help refine the IPM discussions. It'd be nice, over the next x number of TPM syncs, to tinker with 1-2 of these goals and where we end up from goal --> OKR --> backlogCreated over 3 years ago
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I feel like we should do IPM first, and then use the time for other things. This time around it felt like IPM was too short and maybe we needed it. I like the sharing and round robin - but I wonder if we can make it more help driven or finding opportunities to share. I liked that Chisa got folks to say share her preso. I wonder if there are other opportunities that we can find for folks to share things and work together. Created over 3 years ago
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