How was the TPM sync this week? (2018-02-06)

Created over 3 years ago
I would have preferred to spend more time talking about the re-working on the backlog - it was a more interesting and engaging discussion. Hearing the weekly updates is interesting but I would almost prefer them to be at the end or time boxed to allow more time for the strategic conversations. Created over 3 years ago
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[Tom's thoughts] I felt like not everyone got to talk; and I talked a lot. :-P Maybe asking for interestings doesn't encourage everyone to say something. I certainly felt like my interesting went long (I'll be more careful of that in the future)... but wasn't it interesting? :) The backlog/OKR convo was good but also went in many different directions. Not sure if it was clear what's next... think about goals and OKRs and then wait for next Tuesday? Created over 3 years ago
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I feel like we gave ourselves a lot more work when the idea was to do a reset...Created over 3 years ago
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My attention wandered a fair bit. I am agnostic on what team changes we make but I'd like to see more defined experiments or goals with resulting followups.Created over 3 years ago
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The Program Sync meeting used to be where we talked about the granular aspects of our backlog, but the meeting has morphed into...? perhaps compartmentalize what 'hat' we should be wearing going into the sync (ie. is this working meeting based on some specific topic, a brainstorming meeting to generate different ideas, info sharing / demo where a majority of the info is mono-directional, teaminess sharing, etc.) I feel like we all wore different hats so the perspective wasn't aligned. Created over 3 years ago
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