How was the TPM sync this week? (2018-05-07)

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Granted, I left halfway through so my "vote" is only on the first half. It was awesome to see the team self-organizing and getting through the agenda and talking about things (e.g. I learned about 6 hats!).... Thanks Li for facilitating. I'm glad we got to having a mobbing sessions so that we can experiment. On the flip side, I feel like maybe there is less overall team participation. For example, choosing someone to run the sync seemed a bit painful. I wonder if some folks were holding back thoughts and ideas as it seemed like not everyone spoke (i.e. in psychological safety speak they call this turn-taking). Also, I wasn't a part of the 2nd half, but I was talking to Li and the idea of "UBAD" came to me. I wonder if folks are having a hard time coming to decisions because we don't all share the same understanding, belief, and advocacy for OKRs..... Anyways, just thinking out loud here. :) Created over 3 years ago
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I'm wearing a 'red hat' here so bear with me: When we did the individual personal vision setting way back when, one of things important to me was to "build a waste repellent, fail-friendly, experiment friendly environment."I found this sync a bit frustrating because to me, the conversation violated this. Trying to dictate upfront 'what should the OKR process be' feels wasteful because we don't know what it'll be, as we've never done it before. so rather than trying to make something up why not use a framework we already know, and experiment with that to see how it works, and tinker and tweak it as we go along? watching the clock, we went from 9:55 to 10:27 talking about the process of the OKRs...i feel like it would've been better time served to actually break down 1 Key Result as a team, what a story or spike would look like, so that the example can be used as guidance for tpms can go off and pair on work (relevant to their Prod Area teams, current workload etc) that maps back to the KR. Thursday will be the 3rd week since our OKR summit and collectively as a team we don't even have 1 story or spike for us to chip away at any of the Key results we identified. that makes me sad :( Created over 3 years ago
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My sense is that we're flailing on the OKR discussions. I'm quite honestly half-tuned out because I am frustrated by the analysis paralysis I feel is happening. Created over 3 years ago
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