How was the TPM sync this week? (2018-05-15)

Created over 3 years ago
I thought Molly's experience report was awesome and that a little extra prep ahead of time helped the meeting flow. I felt I could have done a better job thinking about how we might brainstorm on hiring stuff but ran out of time ahead of the meeting - thanks y'all for still making it an effective discussion. Created over 3 years ago
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I really enjoyed sync - Really liked Molly's experience report.Created over 3 years ago
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I like that we collaborated real time on <something> it felt like a live dump and sort to some degree and seeing the everyone share ideas was great. one suggestion: today it felt like we spent a bulk of time focusing on a 'interview refactor' which was kind of a surprise...i did find myself coming up with shallow ideas and waiting to see what people wrote rather than generating ideas myself. many of the questions we usually ask for interviews was already in the previous doc, it would've been nice to have that ready (or triaged prior to going into sync.) could we add a sticky next to the green "Future Program sync topics" on what we'd like to talk about in-depth next? that way I can spend some time thinking about the topic / collating observations to share back with the team.Created over 3 years ago
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