How was "What Is Async, How Does It Work, and When Should I Use It?"

Created over 7 years ago
Very clear speaking and explanation of what is going on. Great information architecture of the talk itself. It flowed well from point to point.Created over 7 years ago
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- The restaurant analogy seemed forced enough that you may as well have been talking about specific technical scenarios. - Too much time spent with you reading code to us off slides. I understood your intent to be to go on a deep code dive, but it felt, to me, more like reading the screen to us. A frowny face feels strongly negative; my actual feeling is very mildly so. If this UI let me edit my vote I'd change it to the middle oneCreated over 7 years ago
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I liked the comparison with ordering food. It made it easier to see the difference visually.Created over 7 years ago
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