Was the CF Leadership Retro on 2018-01-04 useful for you?

Created over 3 years ago
It would be nice to have a more EU friendly time for this. I know scheduling is hard but we can't always give up our evenings for these initiatives.Created over 3 years ago
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I liked the format, but wished we had more participation.Created over 3 years ago
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I found that for the topic under retro, it did not seem like there was much participation from the folks being asked to collaborate more closely together. Considering the size of the meeting, perhaps a smaller group would have been better.Created over 3 years ago
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It worked out great... I was a bit confused about the target of that discussion.... Was it just for directors? What/How could managers contribute? I felt like a TPM slant was missing but didn't feel like I could/should bring it up then. Maybe I'm more in the middle than "green" - but I still feel like it was very good for everyone (else) - since this was my 2nd one of these and it was clearly stated that managers might not be directly worked with in that session.Created over 3 years ago
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